How to buy an FBB

How to buy an FBB Bass

FBB would like for you to buy a bass.


FBB offers a variety of prototype and one-off basses at any given time. These vary from low-cost, no-frills 4 strings to full-on decked-out 6 strings and beyond. And all at deeply discounted prices. Want a handmade bass, made in the USA, with top-of-the line parts and woods for a ridiculous price? Check the inventory!

"What's the catch?", you might ask. Good question, but there is none. Unless otherwise noted, inventory basses come with the same warrantee, construction, and saturated fatness as every other FBB. The only difference is you don't get to pick the options -- and you don't have to wait!

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à la carte  

Starting in 2010, FBB is building basses in batches of 6-8 instruments. As each batch comes to a close, a new one is formed. Specifications of instruments in each new batch will be generated based on current inventory and production considerations, as well as feedback from new and existing customers.

Interested parties may assume control over batch slots at any time during the build process in order to make decisions that have not yet been made. Pricing will be negotiated at the time of deposit and will be based on the options chosen. Like what you see in the current batch? Want to make sure that bass gets a pair of meaty soapbars and your favorite preamp? Want to make sure that fretless gets lines? Fire up an email and throw a deposit down! Choose your own adventure!

à la carte commissions generally carry a slightly discounted rate and by virtue of being selected from in-stock parts and woods when available, will represent the lower end of the FBB pricing spectrum. These basses will also be given priority in the schedule, which will result in you getting what you want sooner. Check out the current batch on the home page and see if there's something you want!

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If no basses in the current batch meet your requirements, I am happy to consider your request for a custom build.

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